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Employers law was formed in 2013, to provide practical and business focused HR and employment law advice, support and representation to employers. 

We only work with employers, and our vision is to find straightforward solutions that work for your business.

Justine Foden

Justine Foden was a lawyer in the UK. After visiting New Zealand on her OE she moved over permanently in 2004. She was admitted as a barrister and solicitor to the High Court of New Zealand in 2007 but did not return to legal practice. Justine’s interest is in providing practical and timely advice and support for employers and she works as an employment law consultant.

Justine has been working alongside a number of employers in a number of sectors for over ten years. She has extensive experience in drafting employment agreements and other employment documentation, Holidays Act compliance, restructures, employment processes, collective bargaining, and representing employers who face personal grievance claims.

Justine also presents inhouse training for managers and supervisors – focused on the requirement of the particular business, to ensure that the training is relevant for their workplace.

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