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Employment law and HR advice

Employment Law Advice and HR Support

We know how time consuming, and worrying HR can be…..let us take some of the strain.

  • Individual Employment Agreements –  Drafting and Negotiation

We can prepare specific employment agreements and documentation, to meet your particular business needs – either for one employee – or to create a generic template designed for your business.

Employers Law provides a tailored agreement as part of our “Option B” membership. If you have not signed up for Option B  we are still happy to create a specific template for your business, at the applicable hourly rate.

We will provide a fixed price and time line for completion of the project up front so that you can plan and budget.

  • Collective Agreement Bargaining

We have  considerable experience in working with clients who already have collective agreements in place, and in advising from the outset when a Union has initiated bargaining for the first time. We can provide as much support as you need, attending bargaining meetings, or advise in the background, as circumstances require.

  • Performance Management / Performance Improvement Plans.

Employers Law will assist you with the formal management processes to achieve performance improvement from your existing employee, or,  in the absence of improvement, to minimise your risks in moving through the formal performance management process to dismissal.

We can prepare the necessary documents, attend meetings and advise you throughout the process.

  • Discipline Management

Employers Law can assist you all the way from your initial suspicion,  through the investigation process  to issuing warnings or dismissal, if you need to take disciplinary action against an employee.

We can assist with evidence gathering, drafting documentation, managing the investigation meeting (disciplinary meeting) advising on outcome and deliver the decision –working with you to reduce  the risks to the business

  • Restructuring and redundancy

We recognise that business owners / managers often find restructuring / redundancy situations stressful and difficult. They often need support to ensure that the legal requirements are met, and the risk of personal grievances is  kept to a minimum.

Employers Law can help you manage a restructuring process, from planning to implementation.

We can draft documentation, attend consultation meetings, refer to support services, deliver the decision and advise throughout.

  • Litigation management – if you receive a personal grievance

If an employee, or former employee does raise a personal grievance against your business, or any other employment related claim, Employers Law can support and represent you, and if you are a member, we offer a significantly reduced hourly rate for representation.

We can represent you at Mediation, the Employment Relations Authority or the Employment Court, in negotiating agreements to resolve employment disputes, or in exit negotiations.



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